light+building 2018
9 January, 2018
driver led programable IP67
New models of Programmable Drivers
22 March, 2019


Thank you! The Light+building 2018 exhibition came to an end. And from LAYRTON® we are very pleased to thank you all for making our stay so warm and interesting. We had the possibility to let the lighting market know how our Company has fully entered the new challenging market of LED, and to present our full range of drivers for led, mainly intended for outdoor, industrial and similar applications.

  • Our standard range from 40W to 230W, an example of production flexibility and tailored solutions.
  • Our programmable range, from 40W to 165W, with the highest standards of quality, flexibility and performance.
  • And our emerging “several” range, intended to achieve the important tradeoff between quality and cost, starting with the 25W and 75W versions.

It was not only presenting our products. Our visitors and friends have brought new ideas and challenges. Now it is the time to get down to work and meet all the expectations. See you in Light+Building 2020!