New models of Programmable Drivers

3 April, 2018
driver with two stage lyback configuration with graphics of voltages and currents
Typical electronic topologies in drivers for LED
12 April, 2019
driver led programable IP67

Our range of programmable drivers manufactured in Spain, expands to cover a range of ratings from 25W to 230W with output currents from 350mA to 2.1A depending on the models.The 250W version will soon be available.

As for the rest of the range, the new models are completely encapsulated and manufactured in IP (double insulated) and IP67 (independent – class II) versions.driver led programable IP67

Likewise, depending on the dimming options available, we can offer the “Prog +” types, supporting all the options, and “Prog”, where DALI is not included. In addition, the “AOL” version (for IP67 models) provides only AST, ORT and LC options, which removes an output cable for installation convenience and cost reduction.

All these possibilities make our drivers suitable for a wide range of lighting applications: streets, parks, roads, tunnels, industries, sports, horticulture, farms, fish farms, algae growth


LAYRTON® programmable drivers have the following configurable parameters without the need of cables and off driver:

-Output current and/or power.

-Time periods and level steps of CLO (constant light output).

-Soft start.

-NTC selection and parameterization (on models that have connection to the NTC module).

-Dimming parameters.

driver led programable DLC

And with the highest standards of manufacturing and operation at a reasonable cost:

-Fully encapsulated in resin.

-Double insulated. They can be used in luminaires class I and class II.

-Efficiency over 92%.

-Power factor higher than 0.95 at 50% of the nominal power.

->100. 000hr of life at Tc temperatures of 65ºC.

-220V-277V nominal input voltage

-Protection against surges up to 10kV according to models.

-ENEC approvals.

-5 year warranty

-Possibilities for customization upon request.


In addition, and following our philosophy of adjustment to the customer’s requirements, we can preset the drivers to the most commonly used parameters in order to reduce and even eliminate programming time.

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