Layrton: About us

Layrton: About us

Industrias Ventura S.L. and its brand LAYRTON® is an international leader in the lighting sector.

We are a group of Spanish companies that have created the brand LAYRTON® more than 40 years ago. Since then we have been a worldwide reference in the manufacture and commercialization of ballasts, transformers, starters and other components for lighting.

Since 2014 our company has taken on an important challenge by introducing LED drivers into its portfolio, following the most modern trends in outdoor lighting and maintaining its commitment to quality and manufacturing Made in Spain.

Our manufacturing processes are key to our differentiation, since we design and manufacture our own manufacturing and control processes.

LAYRTON® is currently one of the leaders in Spain and is among the most important manufacturers of its sector in Europe. Our internationalization processes started at very early stages and this allowed us to have a privileged position in the international markets to the point of being present in more than 50 countries.
Our group

We have our headquarters and two specialized divisions. The total dedicated area is 30,000 square meters and a total of more than 100 employees, with a number of engineers increasing and already exceeding 10% of the total.

The headquarters of our company, Industrias Ventura S.L., is in Zaragoza, a city strategically located in northeastern Spain, a communications hub and equidistant to Madrid and Barcelona. It is here where the I+D, purchasing, sales and logistics management is located. Besides, the assembling, finishing and testing of both electromagnetic ballasts and Drivers for led is carried out in our facilities.

The manufacturing processes of plastic components are made in our plastics division Serintec S.L. Where also maintenance of molds and even manufacture of prototype molds or small runs. For this it has the most modern machinery of injection and of machining and electro erosion.

Finally Industrias Ventura S.L., has an important participation in Cerler Global Electronics, a leading company in the sector of the electronic manufacture in Spain and main supplier of the group Bosh Siemens.



INDUSTRIAS VENTURA, S.L. It is a dynamic and modern society, aware that its products must be maintained at a High Level of Quality, be respectful with the Environment and with People who are directly or indirectly in contact with them. Design, Quality and Technology are the key to its expansion in the national and international market, consolidating its position as one of the most important companies in the lighting sector worldwide. For this reason, the following commitments are established:

- Compliance with the regulations in force, European legislation, specifications and applicable legal or contractual requirements.

- Communicate the Company's Policy and evaluate its understanding and effectiveness within the Organization. Guarantee participation, documentation and information to all interested parties, analyzing customer satisfaction and suggestions for improvement, including those that come from the workers themselves, as a review of the understanding and correct application, working groups can be organized to optimize the system of Quality Management. Ensure the necessary training of the personnel, which allow the adequate development of the Quality Management System.

- Establish detection systems and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Periodically review the adequate application of the Systems and the adequacy of the means in the processes of design, manufacture and commercialization of products, verify if their application is appropriate to the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts and, of course, for the prevention of Risks Labor as an integral part of the management.

To achieve the stated objectives, this Quality Management Manual is established. It defines the functions and responsibilities of the different departments of the organization, as well as the hierarchical dependencies, authority and internal relations so that there are no overlaps, vagueness and emptiness that give rise to errors in the correct application of the Quality Management System.

The Head of INDUSTRIAS VENTURA, S.L. will determine which are the objectives to be met in a given period. Both the periodicity and the number of them will be registered as an independent document to the Quality Management Manual. The degree of compliance with the established objectives will be reviewed periodically.