Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values


Providing our clients in particular and to the whole lighting sector, solutions adapted to their current and future requirements, by means of the most modern technologies required for each case, as well as streghten our customer service orientation, being our priority in all Company areas.


Having our brand LAYRTON present in a preferential way in any search for advanced lighting solutions all over the world, being our clients the best amballasadors of our brand.


Customer orientation: Any activity in the Company is intended to get the complete customer satisfaction. For that purpose, the tools we use go from the initial assesment to the after sales service, as well as the quality of our products.
Adaptability: We adapt to the different market requirements in order to be able to accomplish our mission. Both personnel training and design or production processes are oriented to flexibility and change.
Passion: For all we do.
Responsability: Our leadership aspiration does not imply in any case to abandon attitudes of responsability and respect to our competition and the rest of market players. We well know where we come from and the effort it takes to reach the place we take in the market.