Our Technology

Our Technology

European technology for product and processes design.

Our products

We can distinguish two product ranges:

Constant Current Drivers for LED:

We have new lines, also fully developed by our team of engineers for assembly, encapsulation and testing of our range of Constant Current Drivers designed primarily for outdoor and industrial lighting applications.

These processes are developed following the basis of business knowledge acquired over the years and adapted to new technologies, which allows us to maintain our commitment to quality, reliability and service.

Our processes

The manufacturing processes are 100% controlled by our technical staff as they have been designed and manufactured by our automation department, which gives us an extra of customization and flexibility to adapt them to the needs of our customers and the regulatory requirements.

All LAYRTON® products have been tested several times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure reliability and compliance with applicable standards. Thus we use automatic systems for checking electrical values ​​of operation (impedance, current, voltage ...) and safety (dielectric rigidity, safety devices ...).

The competitiveness of LAYRTON® products is the result of constant investments in R & D, which has made it possible to use its own resources for design and manufacturing. In this way we can offer customized designs that adapt to the needs of each project in an efficient way.